Do you hold Note 9 to fall without atoned for?

Usually we recommend millions of smart phones with back glass using the kafr protection all the time, so this is the nail usually turns into many fragments immediately falling to the ground if the distance is close, but it seems that the case Note 9 a different story.

One of the editors of the site Android Central to the work experience of the fall of the phone Galaxy Note 9 without any protection cover on the soil concrete rough, before they pick up the phone again to tell us about the details of the interface.

Surprisingly too, the Note 9 badly, where appeared little scratches and the aspects of curved glass and metallic edges of the phone, but without any serious damage.

Although the perceptions caused by the fall may look bad, it is actually difficult to feel, what means the absence of any risk of the occurrence of any wound by hand because of such hiccups.

This is sure that the phone Galaxy Note 9 You may prove your strength to move again, so after that we saw much scratching and areas previously, but this does not mean that we should leave it without the kafr protect him, and that’s why it may be good to buy a cover to protect him.

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