Do you have iPhone 5’s? Apple advise you to update before November 3

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هل تمتلك هاتف آيفون 5 ؟ آبل تنصحك بالتحديث قبل 3 نوفمبرDo you have iPhone 5’s? Apple advise you to update before November 3

If you’re still sticking with the faith 5 (production 2013) your, surely you want to be sure to run the latest programs available, the consequences may be dire if you don’t do it.

Started Apple in warning the owners of an iPhone 5 through the development of a full-screen that they will lose major features over the internet (including e-mail, web browsing, and App Store and iCloud) if they didn’t update to iOS 10.3.4 before 12:00 UTC on 3 November .

He said Apple and the U.S. the problem of the transmission time of the GPS that started in April would lead to the elimination of features that require the correct date and time.

Anyway, if you’re so lazy they won’t even update, it won’t be completely stuck if you can’t update to 10.3.4 before the second of November, but you’ll have to backup and restore to your computer if you intend to move to the program later.

IPads (fourth generation ) will be affected by either problem, but is expected to lose the GPS functions only .

There will be a lot of people affected by this, where Apple states that 9 percent of all iOS device users running software prior to iOS 12 as of October 15, and many of them are using newer devices (reduce the percentage to 7 percent when the default data on the devices that four-year-old or later) .

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