Do you have a Galaxy S10’s?.. The diversion of the amazing new phone from Samsung

The trend seems to say to talk on the phone series Galaxy S, the next has already started before even the release of Galaxy Note 9, which we turn shortly. The famous warrior Ice Universe posted a new photo claims it is a phone of Samsung which will be released in the first half of 2019 without the mention of the word Galaxy S10 specifically, and without clarification of the cause of it until now.

This design that we see through this image is uncertain, perhaps already designing the first phone from Samsung because the companies pass through many stages during the design of the phone includes adjustments big or small to design.

هل يكون Galaxy S10؟.. تسريب مذهل لهاتف جديد من سامسونج

Given the ease of three-dimensional printing it is possible to say Samsung or other industry models a physicist from the phone with every stage of its design, which highlights this image that appears at this time the amount is large, the range of three-dimensional requiring only hours only to design a physical wave in front of photographers and employees of the company.

And if you follow-up frequency on the previous phone Galaxy S9 many of the reports indicated that Samsung may place a fingerprint sensor under the screen using a new technology, but already the company Vivo Chinese deprived Samsung of the to be the first to add this feature issue the phone works and it is also in the phone NEX, which is detected recently.

As for the front camera and headphones and they the reason of adding slit screen which is known now, maybe the company may be reached already provide similar to the company Vivo, which are designed to fish as a part of the screen without explaining how you arrived at it. Company Vivo also put the front camera within the body of the phone to offer up when you need and get off again at the end of filming, but we don’t know what you do to Samsung in this regard if it has reached the design that is shown in this photo are real.

The arrival of the Samsung to this if true will as an important step, maybe the history of the company as a whole, so that the full screen is the dream of companies and possibly users also now especially after the madness of the slit of the screen that we’ve seen in recent months after the release of Phone iPhone X by the end of last year.

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