Do you expect Sony about making smartphones?!

The report of the sudden, it posted a Bloomberg News famous about Sony stated that the Japanese company giant you might expect from the hardware industry that offers its consumers around the world, including smart cameras and devices, Playstation and of course smart phones!

هل تتوقف سوني عن صناعة الهواتف الذكية ؟!

Do you expect Sony about making smartphones?!

New Chief Executive butt new!

New CEO of Sony who has been appointed recently announced a new plan for a period of three years where the Sony focus their efforts on the services and other sectors with high profits without the signal to the electronic device and which includes industries such as smart phones and devices PlayStation!

Why would take Sony about smartphones?!

No one wishes to exit of Sony from the smart phone industry they are a company with the weight and offer distinctive products, but there are other reasons a logical person for the verification of the hardware sector to the services sector.

We always have to keep in mind that revenues and profits are the main engine for a global company, and Sony seems to want to focus on the services sector the most profitable, for example the Sony industry accounts camera other companies to the area for cameras and smartphones and are reaping it huge profits.

On the contrary, the sector of smart phones in the company shrink and shrink fast. It has nothing to do with the quality of its phones, it is not unlike him, but it comes with other factors thrown Sony to compete in the smartphone market.

In 2018 the current Sony Sold 10 million phone only during the first quarter compared to $ 22.5 million phones last year. Also for the sales of the devices to PlayStation, we find that the Playstation 4 has landed its sales increased by 18 during the last quarter, though is still the gaming and broadcast content on the platform of Playstation represents the profit high for the bad and not the sales of the device itself is a source of revenue first.

Share many to abandon Sony easily platform Playstation and if this is not see, and easier for is solidarity smartphone sector despite the development of terrible that it has reached the Sony in this area and which manifests itself in a series of phones Xperia XZ2 last. Anyway, no one wishes to exit the Sony of the smartphone market, after this long history and great legacy in this industry!

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