Do you cast iPhone, XR the fate of the previous color?

In the conference of the iPhone by nearly two months Apple has announced the time on the XS in basic and detailed at the end of the conference revealed the iPhone, XR (colored) relatively quickly as if it was meant to deliver the message that the side event drew near not a little. For several reasons, including that Apple’s incredible devices colorful in general as well as the low price compared to the XS. And now, after nearly a month of availability of the XR in the markets started a lot of news talking about the low popularity of this device as well as its manufacture. So ends the Egyptian case-iPhone 5c for?

هل يلقى الآي-فون XR مصير سابقه الملون؟

The specification of the amount for adults

In terms of performance although it comes with a memory 3 GB only compared to his brothers, but pointed out the performance tests that exercise the substantially same results of the speed of your XS and preferably sometimes the XS Max. Also think XR is the best performing battery iPhone on all difference noticeable from any Brother earlier in the family of iPhone. The phone features internally the same processor and kart graphics. Also been camera iPhone colored counterparts in the iPhone XS (dictates camera’s wide-angle only) and make the camera and sensors front and face recognition. In short, not the Apple economy, many of the internal specifications of this sister. See this link to know it more accurately.

And some special specifications

In addition to the foregoing, there being colored! This is something you might do. the only Apple in the category; most companies may believe the colors of the device is its most expensive to sell for the colors, but Apple retained the colour which is connected “even though my” devices for bulk and for device flashy colors. Not only the colors are different in structure Paul used the aluminum outer frame instead of the stainless steel “Stainless steel” in appliances the most expensive which is the best.

The screen and core pressure

Maybe you think the screen is the bottom line for a lot of people for Apple TV also they are the biggest factor which enabled it to “reduce” the price of the iPhone from $ 1000 to $ 750, they are not the type of OLED as iPhone, the most expensive it is of the LCD type, however, that Apple calls it Liquid Retina didn’t add amendments to make them better while Apple produces the best LCD TVs in the market since years but it is still less than their counterparts of type OLED. Especially when it comes to the comparison of the variation (difference between colors) and the makers of the LCD have contrast between the colors is estimated to be 1:1400 the OLED screens have a difference of 1:1000000 (do you see all those zeroes? It’s a ratio of one to one million). And what will be in the market already is not “is the tea good?” It will say “how does it look compared to the iDevice iPhone the biggest?” Any that it in truth will not be compared to the screen of the XR with 8/7 but with the XS here will screen and review our article on the screen in this link.

You also lose the screen property has been taken for granted in the world of iPhone is multi-touch three dimensional. And of course soon will be offering Apple’s vibration as an alternative -see this link– but of course this feature is not similar to three-dimensional where not going to strongly pressure the various to do things, and will not benefit the characteristics of the three-dimensional touch in games for example, but not limited to.

Do you really like 5C’s?

IPhone XR color, this wonderful thing, which is also similar to the main with the iPhone 5c. But do you share it with his younger brother in many respects? He has an iPhone 5c with a processor older than the iPhone 5s, which was released next to him, as he came with a camera similar to iPhone 5 and without insight. The actual device was iPhone 5 colorful this is, of course, despite the price low led to the lack of popularity in particular among the users of iPhone who want the latest and the best in the world. The iPhone Xr possesses many of the characteristics of his older brother tempting as the processor and the camera (despite the fact that they save one) and the skin made from high quality materials.

Yes all this is true but there is a resemblance to a key. Is that the iPhone XR despite its relatively high price ($750 / 2767 AED), except that the Apple TV is promoted as the replacement to the cheapest and least capacity to this picture of learning in mind. The style of promotion similar docking-iPhone 5c when it was $ 750 is the base price and now have decided to Apple TV to $ 999 must be is the base price.

However, the ability of the iPhone, XR on the House will be much better than the 5C because it has excellent properties which lose the properties of the Can the mission be abandoned, but mostly tested will be based on the desire in the colors of the device sparkling in the best price.

An Apple user doesn’t care about the price

Here the factor of most important factors, while price is important for many users and there already will buy the XR for its price better but the vast majority of Apple users around the world fall into the category of capable material. They buy expensive phones and then notice it the most expensive smart watches, which overwhelmed its sales on the traditional watch. Then complete the group’s most cherished tablet devices and one of the most expensive computers in the market. And of course you must spend more to purchase apps and services, and that’s really what they’re doing so connects the App Store than any other store. Does this look like as a user to make a decision fully based on the difference of $ 250 between the two devices were still expensive? ($750 is the amount of an understatement). There are also exchange programmes for older devices and software Apple in the United States allows you to get the latest hardware for a small monthly. Also in many states, including Arab countries can get reductions in the price of the phones or buy with small installments if you get it from network providers.

An Apple user in general seeks to obtain the best properties available and wanted to make sure that when it pays, it gets the quality it deserves compared to what he paid. As it is when shopping in stores, Apple will be directly between XR XS so if the difference is only price most users will go buy the iPhone XS or XS Max. Either buy iPhone colored it will be his decision to return dramatically to the love of color indifference to the loss of some properties as we mentioned already.

The bottom line

Comes iPhone XR in attractive colors and many attractive features that make it a better buy than the previous colorful 5C, but it also comes at a price is not cheap, and objectives of the specific Apple is not sales, mainly, it imposed the philosophy of the new market, namely that the base class of the new identity of its smart start from $ 999.

You tell us, what is the fate of the iPhone XR color? Do you expect its continuation for several years or cancel it. Apple at the conference on the phone the killer?

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