Do you believe Sony phone impressive collapsible in? Rumors say yes

Next year will undoubtedly see a new conflict between the giants of smart phone industry, and certainly a number of new features that will change and become a normal, and also a lot of phones. But with the conflict between giant phones it seems that the moment has come for the existence of explicitly parallel between phones folding, which until now at least will be by both Samsung and Huawei and Sony.

Although Sony is not among the most powerful companies in the smartphone market currently but it when it comes to flip phones it is possible to become one of the most powerful competitors. The new registry shows that Sony might make a phone impressive foldable over the next year.

One source said the two made a video to the phone through the description of the leaks that have appeared during the last period to show the design that was imagined by the appearance of impressive if Sony go through with it as well.

According to the details available for the phone it is possible to see the phone screen foldable with a diameter of 6.2 inch type OLED, the best types of screens. The screen that will 4K come also comes equipped with a fingerprint under it and breaks the rubber to individual folding. Also the phone offers a front camera accurately 13-megapixel camera with facial recognition technology, three-dimensional and all cameras in the back strictly 19-megapixel camera, the first 12 megapixel camera second.

Also according to the leaks the phone will have a slide Snapdragon 855, a company that is expected to create a slice Snapdragon 845 and for the first time on the wizard nervous to address the processes of artificial intelligence is expected to unveiled during the next months.

What if the slide is going to be inside the phone is expected to see you in May probably because Samsung get the first batch of slices Calcutta for the identity of the target that is always going to be phones Galaxy S and it is possible to be with her this time phones Galaxy X folding that appear by the rumors since long and is expected to reach the hands of users soon in the beginning of the year next year. Certainly there is a possibility that you Qualcomm to change its productive capacity or the map according to the conventions but what happened during the past years certainly gives us the possibility to speak.

Also possible to see the Sony phone comes memory random 8 GB internal memory 128 GB or 256 GB or 512 GB, is this normal for next year? We’ll wait and see. It is expected to reveal the Sony for phones Xperia XZ3 during the IFA conference in another attempt to offset the decline of its sales.

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