Do you become a LinkedIn-like SAP is nothing.

هل يصبح LinkedIn شبيها بسناب شات؟

It seems that the property or the shouts of “Stories” which has recently spread in more than one application for social networking, has reached a distribution network of professional months, “LinkedIn”, is seeking a site known to tradition Snapchat and Instagram it?

Stories up to LinkedIn

Started the social networking site known to LinkedIn, which a few years ago that selects the working life and employment more than anything else, choose to add the feature “Stories” to the platform, depending on the number of students users in the United States of America.

The property has the latest for LinkedIn, which now disappear from the group of students, on short video clips, showing the top of the application, to be students of the activities practiced by the classmates, in addition to what the students are doing in other schools, but close to them.

Confirms the spokesperson لـLinkedIn that the videos will appear for a limited period of time, amounting to only 7 days, so the same with my website Snapchat and Instagram, but the difference is clear here about both locations, is access for the duration of the video on LinkedIn to about 45 seconds, not 10 seconds as usual.

The date of the adoption of the property

Over the last month, quest LinkedIn to launch property Latest not with great caution, however, as confirmed by the management of the site is near the time of the issuance of the property for students all in the United States, without reference to the possibility of the arrival of the feature “Stories” to students in other states or not.

No longer that experience is a first for LinkedIn, which seeks through her in one way or another to cling to or follow the footsteps of sites such as Facebook or Snapchat, where the website posts the famous of by experimenting with property “Location Filters” for use in live events, just as in Snapchat.

Also do not forget that website Google famous may also surprised everyone with the beginning of the current year, by issuing a property “AMP Stories”, which provide some of the information for phone users, what is the other one attempts the most famous search engine of inculcating the spirit of social networking sites on its pages.

This topic is become a LinkedIn-like SAP is nothing. Appeared first on say Delta Technology.

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