Do try the first video call over the network my LTE and 5G

In line with its commitment to provide technology services to fifth-generation to its customers and partners in the United Arab Emirates and enable them to take advantage of the enormous potential provided by, succeeded (Du) du – a subsidiary of Emirates Integrated Telecommunications – in the transfer network of the fifth generation to new heights through making the first video call on the level of the organization through my technology LTE andfifth generation.

She said (De) if the video call conducted at its headquarters in Al Salam Tower in Dubai, drawing on the network of the fourth generation network, a fifth-generation business in addition to the multimedia system over the internet protocol using smart phones business technology supports the fifth generation.

In order to ensure the touch experience HD video across the network to the fifth generation, has worked (du) during the experiment to enable my network access to take advantage of their advantages and functions of the many. Comes achievement the new update for the recent steps taken by the (DOE) in their efforts to provide the potential and capacity of its network revolutionary fifth generation which will bring tangible benefits to the lifestyle of the users and their experience of connection is unprecedented.

The potential connection unlimited

Commenting on the experiment, said (Salim Baloch) – President organizational development at Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company: “judging from the pivotal role that we play in the utilization of the new technologies a global level to enable customers to individuals, institutions and government entities across the United Arab Emirates, take great pride in (DU) is pleased to announce a new accomplishment on a technical level the fifth generation, which is expected to set the contours of all the sectors of the business.”

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Al Baloushi added: “the success we have achieved in the experience of the video connection through the network my LTE and fifth-generation embodiment of the realistic potential of large and reliable which will the technique of the fifth generation. Certainly will Services contact innovative next-generation that provide benefits to multiple aspects of the customers through the potential of visual communication developed across all platforms which support it (DU) is currently”.

Enhance digital experiences

It features the successful experience of the video call high resolution across the network of the fifth generation a strong foundation can be built upon in a company’s journey towards enhancing the experience of users of the network of the fifth generation, also confirms this success is the quality of the fifth-generation technologies by (du).

Was able (du) during the period of preparations for the era of the fifth generation of strengthening the network by intelligent technology solutions, cloud and sophisticated, as well as supporting the network of the fifth generation of the main virtual generation technologies, second, third, fourth and fifth generation non-independent and Independent also.

This area provides the perfect environment to develop services video connection through the LTE network, which is considered an extension of the services of voice communication over this network, which was launched by (du) newly, as add service video connection over LTE network services for HD video to voice services via technologies LTE and fifth-generation.

Customers can conduct services, video communication and voice communication through the modern networks using the request number in the smartphone. And the process requires the registration of an additional, or a particular application as they provide a high security level for its adoption on a phone, other than the application direction independent of the transmission networks (OTT).

Network availability, the fifth generation launched by the (DU) newly ultra-fast speeds of over 1.26 Gbps to end-users. With the completion of the latter, will enjoy a shared Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company as soon as unprecedented range of digital experiences adding to the exceptional services communications video and audio across networks LTE and fifth-generation.

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