Do not wait for the appearance in the smartphone market of new brands. And that’s why

Young brands entering the smartphone market, have chances of success only if they will consume a larger and much more well-known manufacturer. This statement was made by Vice President Meizu Nan Lin, commenting on the partnership between Xiaomi and startup Meitu, known in narrow circles of their selfirony. The top Manager is sure that the independent brands just don’t have a chance against already promoted players in the market, firmly entrenched in its niche.

The lack of funding, lack of experience and capacity to conduct own research is only a small part of the problems of young smartphone manufacturers under the version of the Vice-President of Meizu. Few people could, not having a name, to enter the market and start plugging more eminent competitors for the belt, said a top Manager.

Why young brands have no chance

And he was right. Even OnePlus and Essential, which, although declared himself at different times, but still are young companies that had a significant background that allowed them to shoot. The first was fueled by investment and technological development Oppo, while the second tried to go to the name of its founder.

As for the Meizu, the company that apparently is doing quite well, despite the fact that not even in the top five in sales of smartphones. According to rumors, the Chinese are actively working on its new flagship, which will be released early next year. Unit to a top processor Snapdragon 855 (8150), becoming one of the first solutions based on the latest “stone” Qualcomm, 8 GB of RAM and frameless, without a notch for the front camera and sensors.

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