Do not update the operating systems you have on the first day of its release


I ended days using the same operating system that hasn’t changed for years. Entitled Windows 10 on big updates every six months, and these updates are repeating some of the things on the operating systems, even Apple is enhanced with updates to the iPhone.

  • More updates just means more problems

Pull the Microsoft Update for the Windows 10 in October 2018 and that’s because he deleted some personal files private persons, but this is just the latest highlighted issues – has caused previous updates in the occurrence of the problem also. For example, has updated the anniversary of the smashing of millions of webcams before issuing the patch after a month. Also caused Update Anniversary also infected some computers screen blue when you connect your Kindle.

We’ve seen many reports of small problems related to the devices and after installing major update for Windows 10 also.

As a struggling Apple with update errors have also. You will not allow the iOS update 11.1 for iPhone users to write “I.” for example has also updated the iOS 9.0 to stop many people from “Slide to Upgrade”. Has the iOS update 8.0.1 to cut off cellular connectivity and touch many people.

And phones Pixel smartphone from Google, led the updates to Android to unlock your phone and ship it slower.

  • The first beta is the actual

Many companies such as Microsoft and Apple have a lot of beta tests which should pick up these problems before they reach the stable version. I have the Microsoft program “Insider Preview,” and “the Apple” has a software developer and beta a year, and Google has a program Android demo.

But, for any reason, use the main mistakes to slip through the gaps that exist in these systems. It has become commonplace to miss errors to reach the stable version. It seems the first version fixed like another part of the beta testing process.

  • The second beta version progress

When you install update new level once you provide it, you put yourself in a kind of beta testing, for example, when it becomes the new update for Windows 10 Ready, says Microsoft slowly destroy it to small amounts of computers at a time. Microsoft uses the features of the telemetry in Windows 10 to see how well they work on personal computers. How can Microsoft fix any problems you find before launching the update. For example, it may be for the update only problems with certain systems on certain computers. It may take months before the update to the majority of computers.

Using Windows 10, you may say that Windows Update collects the dice and acknowledge that you will be one of the first people to get this update. But, if you go to the Settings app and clicking “Check for updates”, the Windows knows that you want this update now so will jump to the front of the queue, the process with Update October 2018, which deleted some files of persons only. But if you ask Windows to install the update, you will not be your files at risk.

The next update for Windows 10 will make your computer faster than before

As he spoke a similar process on Android also, as the Google updates for the Pixel that are put up automatically over the course of several weeks. But if you click on “check for updates”, then go to the front of the queue and get the update immediately.

But don’t follow Apple down this path. Where you released updates for iOS and MacOS all at one time.

  • The second beta is the full version of the consumer

Even when you roll out the update to all devices of the consumer, it is still this version “stable” regular represents a kind of experimental programmes. You choose a pilot for companies that want the software fixed. And Microsoft and Apple companies to install updates until it is tested better by consumers.

As it is with Windows 10 Professional, you can choose to postpone updates to key features such as Update October for up to 120 days, in addition to that Windows 10 Pro lets you also choose “channels” different from updates.

And remember the interface settings of Windows 10 that the computers on the channel of the target normal get updates “when they are ready for most people”, while you get the computers on the channel is half the normal annual update “when it’s ready for widespread use in institutions”.

If what is the difference? Well, the updates that are “ready for most people” have more mistakes! Once that is done the work of all these errors on PCs for the consumer, the the Microsoft feel comfortable in the presentation updates on the business activities. Activities can business also get a version more solid than the Windows operating system 10 select the version of the service, maintenance and long-term (LTSB) that is updated once every few years.

It also allows Apple to companies doing something similar, which leads to the delay of updates iOS for up to 90 days if they so choose. This would give Apple more time to fix the bugs in this update before their arrival to the institutions.

Why is this happening?

I ended days using Windows XP Service Pack 2 for four or five years. Are companies that oblige operating systems fully representative of the new and continuing basis. Inspired by Web sites and other cloud services that can change things quickly and add new features to it.

But operating systems are still complex. They are not just web sites – they are interact with the computer hardware and software. And my Windows computers on a wide assortment of different hardware and software low-level. It doesn’t look like the phones, it is likely that problems occur when you updated. But even Apple, which has a handful of devices to iPhones to improve, she can’t avoid errors resulting from the updates.

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It is also worth noting that this is not a new phenomenon. It has adopted the system administrators that they say to people “wait until Service Pack 2” before installing an operating system new Microsoft. Now, the version of Microsoft operating system new every six months.

  • If what you have to do?

We do not recommend that you avoid updates completely. The security updates are important to keep your safety, however, we recommend some caution before installing the updates. When is the release of Windows 10 Update, New, available immediately to Windows Update, and click “Check for updates” to install it. You have to wait for a week or two weeks so you know if there is a major problem reported or not.




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Do not update the operating systems you have on the first day of its release

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