DJI announces the his arm installation Osmo Mobile 2 and Ronin-S during CES 2018

The company announced the DJI during CES 2018 for the arm installed, the first smart phones, and the other for cameras.

Of the most famous company DJI is the aircraft industry of the rally the high quality and professionalism, but there is something else the Chinese company in presence, which is the market arm of the installation targeting designers and researchers about the experience of photography through their phones.

In the framework of its participation at the rate of consumer electronics CES 2018, announced DJI about Osmo Mobile 2 is the second generation of the arm installation three-axis, which launched the first generation of them in the last year.

Helps Osmo Mobile 2 smartphone owners use their devices to capture video much like a video recorded by devices and cameras used by professionals, as it helps in providing video fixed free of vibrations.

In order to assist the user during the export, comes arm installation with buttons to arm himself and a camera phone, such as the option to control the level of lighting, ISO, shutter speed, and other settings. In the new generation, It has become possible to control the amount of rounding also.

Accompanied device application for on behalf of the DJI GO comes with a feature of the Active Track that allows the camera to track a particular object, add it to the feature Motion Timelapse that supports up to 5 different locations of the camera. The application also supports Live streaming to facebook and YouTube.

And DJI the Osmo Mobile 2 comes with battery capacity up to 15 hours, which is planned to introduce as from next February at a price of 129 USD.

Besides the Osmo Mobile 2, The Company announced the Ronin-S that the longer first arm of the install does not hold, however, one which is dedicated to professional cameras DSLR cameras Mirrorless.

It is not yet known the price of the Ronin-S, but the company will know about it, such as put forward during the second quarter of 2018.

You previous experience with the arms installed smartphones? We shared your experience in the comments.


Source: DJI announces the his arm installation Osmo Mobile 2 and Ronin-S during CES 2018

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