Diversion rates phone iPhone SE 2 cheap price coming soon

Plan Apple to launch iPhone SE 2 through the beginning of 2020 the next priced cheaper than iPhone 11 according to the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who talked about the price of the phone perspective.تسريب أسعار هاتف iPhone SE 2 رخيص الثمن القادم قريباً

The price of the iPhone SE 2 will start from $ 400 capacity of 64 GB, and will provide you with a capacity of 128 GB at a price of 500 USD according to the latest leaks of analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

IPhone SE 2 will carry the same design of the iPhone 8 and the camera almost with update to some of the internal components, most notably the addition of processor Apple A13 in iPhone 11.

RAM will be the size of 3 GB type LPDDR4X, as it will remove the 3D technology Touch of the screen. The phone will also available in several colors such as: gray, silver, and red.

The phone will also hold the Home button and the fingerprint-recognition Touch ID and camera monochrome background and will not be recourse to the technique of Face ID or use the medallion.

Maybe this phone is the best choice for users of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus that dropped by Apple’s recent iOS update 13, updates the system to the next, and the number of those users, approximately 100 million approximately.

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