Diversion a new copy of the edge based on the encases

Leaked a new version of the browser Edge, the thing in which they are built on the encases, an open source browser that has been developing the Chrome browser build.

Through download and experience the new browser from Microsoft it seems that it is still in its initial stages and there is more work to be done before releasing it officially for everyone later.

And leak to now, the browser supports add-ons Chrome as well as sync old favourites and some customizations in the user interface, these factors make it a suitable option to possibly transition permanent to of Chrome specific.

The browser is currently some unique features in the edge like support options, stylus, smart and connect them with Windows 10, as well as night mode that can be activated manually for testing only.

Microsoft tries to convince users of the browser Edge and remove the confounding politics with Internet Explorer on it’s just a new label or a new interface, so build a copy of encases under the name Edge will help to increase the spread of this brand, also the company is working on the development of a special version of the operating system Mac.

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