DisplayMate: the Galaxy Note9 has the best screen in the market

Despite the difficulties experienced by the company Samsung, but it is still of the few companies that produce components for its devices electronic. Not only that, but the company is better than making tea, so that they supply the screens for other companies.

And because she is the best who makes the tea, it was over the past years get first place always in relation to best screen for a smartphone, and they are again set to the ball with the Galaxy Note9, which report showed DisplayMate it’s got the best screen in the market.

Although the difference between my phone Galaxy Note8, Galaxy Note9 not essential, only that the screen has seen many improvements, so it’s better than the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S9 which was launched earlier this year.

Makers Galaxy Note9 provide a brightness higher by 27% compared to his predecessor, Galaxy Note8, as it provides contrast in colour the best by 32% while the maximum for the tourists with the activation of the feature “automatic brightness”.

As the screen Galaxy Note9 that it may reach the brightness level of capacity 710 candle when the screen is all white. With regard to energy consumption, the phone’s screen is the best.

Do you think that the screen of the Galaxy Note9 are the best in the market right now? Let me know in the comments.

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