Display Galaxy Note 9 recognized as the best on the market. What is he especially good?

The key feature of Note 9 was the Super AMOLED screen. Its diagonal is 6.4 inches, and resolution is 2960 x 1440 pixels. In addition, the display automatically adjusts contrast levels, which promises users a clear picture even on Sunny days. The screen quality is noted professionals. It was evaluated by representatives of DisplayMate.

Display Galaxy Note 9 emit is not the first time — immediately after the announcement of the smartphone appeared in the list of YouTube Signature. In it the representatives of the hosting include devices that are suitable for video viewing than others.

Now the screen appreciated the staff DisplayMate, reports Android Central. The smartphone has set a record in precision color display, which is “visually indistinguishable from perfect”. The record also proved to be the brightness level and viewing angles, including when displaying white color.

The brightness of the display at full activity display made up 710 of the bat, which is 27 percent higher than the result of Galaxy Note 8. When the proportion of black color on the display was equal to 99%, the brightness is increased to 1050 nits.

Also Note 9 showed the best results of the color gamut, contrast and reflectivity. The brightness of the screen when changing the viewing angle has changed less than other smartphones.

Galaxy Note 9 — the most innovative and high performing smartphone display ever tested by the lab.

According to representatives of the company, Galaxy Note 9 has become the second smartphone that has received a rating from “very good” to “great” in all categories. The first was Galaxy S9.

Level of performance and quality of displays is growing every year, and now the Galaxy Note 9 has raised the bar much higher.

Summary the good: the display Note 9 significantly outperforms the competition in virtually all indicators and even ahead of development of the company six months ago.

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