Disney you get a really full control on Hulu after its deal with Comcast


It was expected to be able to Disney soon fully control in the service of Hulu, and this is exactly what has been announced this week. Found Disney to deal with the company Comcast, which will give full control in the service of Hulu starting today. However, the page is set up in a manner that will not sell a share of Comcast in the company’s Hulu for buy Disney to five years after.

Will this page buy Comcast or Disney team to sell a stake Comcast the remaining 33 percent in the company Hulu buy Disney starting from the month of January of the year 2024. However, you can buy Disney full control of the company Hulu as of today.

Company started Hulu as a joint venture between many of the leading media companies, including 21st Century Fox and Comcast NBCUniversal and Time Warner and Disney. All of these companies they own shares in the company Hulu with no majority control. The situation has changed considerably since then. The company became Disney’s majority stock in the firm Hulu after acquiring most of the assets of 21st Century Fox. Approved Time Warner which is now called WarnerMedia not turned its ownership to AT&T to sell stake to 9.5 percent to Hulu in the last month.

The share of Comcast in the company is the only one that prevented Disney from full control at Hulu, but has been rid of this obstacle now. As part of this transaction, the company will Comcast sell their share to buy Disney fair market value at the purchase Hulu year 2024. Ensured Disney that the sale price at that time will be the minimum total equity value of $ 27.5 million to buy Hulu at the time.

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