Disney may know Service broadcast films +Disney own in the month of April next


Will Disney release service broadcast films and series in later this year. Don’t know much about this service except it will offers Disney and some of the offerings from the other brands that no longer belong to him, such as Marvel and Star Wars. However, we can get more details about the mentioned service in the month of April.

This according to a new report claims that Disney will offer a new service to broadcast films and serials will be investors a peek in the eleventh of the month of April during a meeting with investors. It remains to be seen whether it will advertise this information in general or whether it will conduct this meeting in secrecy, but we hope to reveal our company to Disney for more details in the near future, such as price and catalog of potential shows that we can expect.

We don’t yet have any information about the launch date of this service except that it will be released this year. It should be noted that the company has Disney have big plans for this service to the degree it has affected broadcast services, such as Netflix, which ends its license with Disney this year, which means that the movies and shows Disney the future will not be available on the platform of Netflix.

Also, while we can’t confirm that, but it seems that this may also have an impact on plans Netflix about whether it will proceed with the presentations of the Marvel current with the science that has been canceled three of them will not be surprised in case if the same thing happened, both of the remaining two.


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