Disney make a bid to acquire the company 21ST Century Fox vs. $ 71 million


The company submitted Disney recently introduced a $ 52.4 million to buy the shares of 21ST Century Fox. Scheduled to vote of the Board of management of the latter on Display on July 10. Things were interesting and some thing last week when I joined the company Comcast to the temple and made a cash offer higher than $ 65 million for the company. It was reported that Disney would pay in a bidding war with Comcast, and now frequency that Disney has increased its offer to buy 21ST Century Fox to 71.3 million.

As much as the previous presentation to buy Disnay value of the property of a company 21ST Century Fox estimated at $ 28 US per share while the value increased to $ 38 per share which is equivalent to 71.3 million. As that supply is still more elastic, which may lead to increased value per share.

Will Disney now shareholders in the company 21ST Century Fox to decide whether they wish to be shares of Disney part of the deal or get the money in cash instead, but that would be a gamble. The aim of this step is to face the cash offer made by the company Comcast, which may seem more attractive to shareholders.

The Board of Directors of the company 21ST Century Fox to postpone the meeting of July 10, so as to allow shareholders more time to consider the new offer made by the company Disney. Meeting will be held at a date to close has not been disclosed. It will also work overtime the opportunity to buy Comcast to decide whether you want to progress with a better offer or not.


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