#Discussion: What smartphone do you use?

How often do we change our smartphones? Someone changes the devices almost every month, and someone, on the contrary, uses them over the years. Some of us change the smart phones just because they are bored, others are replaced only when the device fails or his work is greatly reduced. This article is devoted mainly to those who own a smartphone in 2016 and below.

In the comments below, we offer you to share their opinions about the device. We offer you to disclose all the details of owning the device, its features and drawbacks that are revealed only after years of ownership.

I’ll start, perhaps, with their vehicles. I own two smartphones: ZUK Z2 and iPhone 6. These machines are not yet fully suits me, although I must admit that in recent years more and more looking towards OnePlus 6T XR and iPhone.

When the required functionality, capabilities Android and high performance, take up ZUK Z2 custom firmware Android 8. In other cases, my primary device is an iPhone 6. You may think that I’m crazy for owning the iPhone 6 and being the author of AndroidInsider.

I want to note that by itself the market of Android-smartphone I like. It is much more interesting and varied. Android manufacturers offer something that can not offer Apple even updates. Besides, on a nose the first flexible smartphone from Samsung.

But why iPhone? There are several reasons. First, design. iOS itself iPhone 6, in my opinion, beautiful. Second, the screen response in the case of the iPhone above. Even in the new Android flagships I don’t feel the smooth and the touch response, which is common to all Apple products. This applies to both the iPhone and iPad, and MacBook touchpad. When running my finger across the screen and feel the picture instantly responds to the action to get unreal pleasure while Android manufacturers can not give. Of course, you may want to look towards Razer Phone, but to give 50-60 thousand rubles for the 120 Hz screen is doubtful.

High responsiveness of the screen, and the attention to detail in iOS main reasons that still keep me. The approach to developing the system in the case of Apple is more correct. In this regard, I also like the company OnePlus. It is something different from all the other Android manufacturers. The company, in my opinion, great design products, smartphones available.

Even if you can afford a device for 30-50 thousand rubles, does it make sense? Special problems to save money to buy a new device there. The only problem is that we can offer new machines. Smartphone I personally need for social networks and watching YouTube. And with that the old iPhone 6 and ZUK Z2 cope without any problems. Then why do I Galaxy Note P20 or 9 Pro? Clearly, I’m not the only one asking such questions.

This time I was honest. Now it’s your turn to share their opinions about the devices that you own below in the comments.

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