Discovered new species of snakes that can attack even without opening his mouth

People are already planning to move to other planets, although they have not fully explored their home. From time to time, researchers discover previously unknown species of animals — for example, recently in the African country of Guinea was discovered snake that can spray poison at enemies without even opening your mouth. The new species was named Atractaspis branchi, and they better stay away, because vypuscheny in all directions the poison causes severe pain and swelling.

Змея Atractaspis branchi

The unusual ability of snakes is that their fangs can Rosaviatsia from the corners of the mouth so they can attack with poison, even people trying to sneak up from behind. So did the group of scientists, but in vain — while trying to take the snake by the head, one of the scientists received severe damage to the cells, causing swelling, blistering and severe pain. If they had no antidotes, no amputation would have cost.

Змея Atractaspis branchi

The researchers said that the snake or slowly moved away from them, or leaping from side to side to a distance equal to the length of her body. For reference, the length of the snake is about 30 inches. In a radius of 27 kilometers they managed to find two more individuals — all of them have slim and sturdy body and round head.

Researchers believe that these snakes live in tropical forests that are already on the brink of extinction due to human activities and climate change. The researchers intend to find more individuals and figure out the disappearance of threatens them, or not.

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