Disclosed the price of Galaxy View 2 and the official announcement of the tablet

More details about Samsung high Galaxy View 2, where it revealed new leaks today about the price of this version and the officially released to the markets.

Galaxy View 2

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Came previous leaks about the Galaxy View 2 via AT&T some of the specifications of the tablet, and a New revealed today about the price and the launch of the tablet via one of the mobile companies in the United States.

It is submitted in accordance with the new arrangements to Galaxy View 2 for sale on the 26th of April in the outlets and on the internet, that this release comes at the price of $ 740.

Galaxy View 2 features a screen size of 17.3-inch also features a quality display of 1080 pixels, the device supports the chip-core Exynos processor 7884 with random memory 3 GB RAM, and comes the ability of a battery of up to 12,000 mAh.

It also applies the device with a storage capacity of 64 GB, and supports communication networks 4G LTE, and supports new Dolby Atmos audio, with DirecTV Now and AT&T NumberSync.

It relates to Galaxy View 2 tablet running Android Oreo, with a camera front 5 mega pixel camera, so we expect to unveil this version before the end of the month of April.


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