Disclose more details about the design of the iPhone coming in the year 2020

iPhone 11 Pro Max

According to rumors, is expected to make Apple’s design a very new iPhones coming in the year 2020. Up to now, has maintained the iPhone on the same design with some minor changes here and there, but mostly still share the same design language that we saw for the first time with the iPhone 6.

However, you may witness the year 2020 making Apple the big changes on the design level, we have heard the last time that the iPhone coming next year will report some of the design elements of the iPhone 4, which some argue had the best design of Apple TV up until now. Now according to a tweet from Ben Geskin, it has revealed some of these potential changes, which can match one of the lines of the antenna in the iPhone.

In the meantime, Apple intends the plastic in the bars of the antenna, but according to tweets Ben Geskin, you can think Apple for the use of new materials, such as glass or ceramic or even Sapphire. Also rumored that the antenna lines these are thicker than the current design may be greater than 1mm. It is said to respond to the 5G, which is the frequency that Apple will support the iPhone coming in the next year.

Include other changes that frequency that it will apply the design of the apple re-sensor fingerprint Touch ID, except that it will be included this time in the screen with the Keep with Face ID. Needless to say, Please deal with all that has been said so far with the least amount of protection, at least until the detection for more details.

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