Disclaimer: the AirPods are not hazardous to health

In early March, the Network has informationthat the wireless Bluetooth headphones can be hazardous to health. This news was picked up by many media outlets and online publications, providing as evidence a petition signed by more than 250 scientists. It was noted that of particular concern to researchers called AirPods headphones 2. But, as it turned out, users were misinformed.

After carefully studying the document it became known that the petition referred to by the majority of foreign publications, was signed by scientists in 2015 — long before the exit of the same headphones in the world.

Moreover, the document itself was not even talking about the dangers of wireless headphones. In this petition, the scientists merely drew attention to the negative impact on human health of non-ionizing electromagnetic field generated by a large number of wireless devices.

These statements really are justified — in the modern world the person is under the influence of a variety of wireless devices, each of which can generate radiation. Individually they do not pose a threat, but gathered together they can affect the health of the person.

It is noteworthy that the researchers themselves are not configured to decisive action — quite the contrary, scientists only propose to conduct some additional research to study the issue more thoroughly and comprehensively.

However, other scientists are inclined to believe that the harm of AirPods really is. But it is so minor and small that it makes no sense to devote a separate article. Roughly speaking, the same iPhone when using Wi-Fi or LTE networks for 1 minute will provide more harmful radiation than those AirPods when listening for hours.

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