Disable the advantage of Digital Wellbeing may lead to improve the performance of the phone the Google Pixel your

Google Pixel 3a XL --

One of the features brought about by Google with the Android phones, the Google Pixel is the shelf digital or what is known as the Digital Wellbeing. You can think of this as a substitute for Screen Time in iPhone, features luxury digital company Google helps users monitor the amount of time spent on applications and restrictions also.

Unfortunately, it seems that this feature is not efficiently using resources of the device because the reports of users on the social network Reddit says that off the shelf Digital ” Digital Wellbeing ” on phones Google Pixel 3 led to speed up performance significantly. According to one of the users, it has stated by saying : ” I saw that the error is known in some comments in YouTube about Google Pixel 3a, and stopped the run on a Google Pixel 3 of my own, which make the world different. I can’t believe I’ve been living with a lot of stuttering, thinking it was normal. The difference is like night and day “.

We must point out that it can be applied to phones Google Pixel old well which got the advantage of Digital Wellbeing. According to some users who responded to reports deployed on the platform Reddit, they also notice a difference in performance when you disable the feature on phones Google Pixel 2 also. We are not sure what can cause the problem, but some believe that the reason lies probably in the way in which water and logs your activity.

If you don’t care about the advantage of Digital Wellbeing really, it might be good to stop it for better performance on the phone the Google Pixel your.


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