Director of Huawei executive confirms the intention of his company to launch foldable phone with 5G in 2019

مدير هواوي التنفيذي يؤكد عزم شركته إطلاق هاتف قابل للطي بتقنية 5G في 2019

After a few days of its launch series phones Mate 20 which included 4 different versions, the executive director of Huawei, Richard Yu, said that his company will launch a foldable phone in 2019 which will support the services of the fifth generation of communications, the 5G also, after talking to the former CEO, Ken Hu, from being a device company 5G will get a folding screen and will be launched in June next.

For clarity, the Huawei is different from most technology companies that we know, so that as executive director of the company changed periodically, which means that the statements of executive directors will vary from time to time in conjunction with the development of the company.

And statements of the managers of the last two in Huawei interrelated, and that the launch date of the phone rollaway would be in the middle of next year, maybe with phones Onur me leading. But as it seems the Samsung will be in this area, perhaps other companies with the beginning of the year.

Where to unlock a Samsung device by folding in the developer conference on 7 November, or at the Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January, and, as its president said DJ Ko, the device will combine regular phones and tablets. As mentioned earlier that the Galaxy S10 platforms launched in the beginning of 2019 will be the first report of the fifth generation, which raises speculation about the device is the company folding is a device or technical supports.

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