Dilemma number (2): content buried

معضلاتٌ رقميّة (2): المحتوى المدفون

Mostly; I come here via the link posted in Twitter, or maybe you clicked on the address in the home page, but the title will not pass long time until the change on that page, and even on the first pages near, will be away in the corridors of the databases, but -fortunately – we have uncle Google, which would hold it in after, is evidenced by receipt of the pilgrims information to this page day after day.

But there’s a problem facing us, is that this page if you don’t rank high in the search engine results, the fate of them is “the digital” regardless of the interest incurred or the quality they offer, so that there is the fact proved by the statistics is that the first result appears in the search results you get more than 30% of the clicks of users and the second result to read the 13% and continues downhill until it reaches 1% Of visits or a little more for the result IX, the results that appear in pages two and beyond, there is only a very small percentage of researchers.

The truth is that there are lots and lots of digital content good actress (voice & text visible), but a fabric, a piece of content that you need you are which can solve your problem or facilitate your life certainly exist somewhere in this digital world is vast, whether in a blog post, creamy or rich video, but because one way or another, you’re unable to access.

The problem of third-party content text

On the morning of the previous day, when I was tweeting out with the sparrows in the garden, I bought because I listen and or song revolves around the stunning nature and all its beauty, I opened the SoundCloud application and I wrote “song about nature” appeared to me several of the results do not relate to the nature of the onion, I know an old song I heard a while ago, but I don’t remember her name, and I know that there are many others, but unfortunately failed to get a satisfactory result within that audio content is huge.

The problem involves more in regards to visual content, especially in the quality of the videos are called “Vlogs” or “notations visible“, where he portrayed the esophagus itself and a part of his life, talking about different topics and some events viewer, then encase all the content titled Short non-crossing, or may express only 10% of the video content, such as saying like “I went to the doctor” or “I didn’t know” or other titles of the vagus.

Unfortunately, it is a theme became prevalent in these type of videos, to write the owner’s name is short-not – arouse the curiosity of the viewer, the way the rhythm of the largest possible number of viewers until they enter and see and discover for themselves what happened, the viewers who are actually part of the channel’s audience -or by chance -, but what about those who need actual interest inside the video? What about those who want access to video content via search engines?

I’m gonna hit you an example of a realistic, one of the videos of the recent publication of her brother’s cream car, carrying the title of “the smallest watermelon in the world” which is about the codification of the city visible download a lot of content that does not enter within the framework of the”watermelon” video starts the process of buying a open box device Derwent “jet career” of the type “what I did”, and then browsing experience, as determined brother cream display part of his experience in relation to sports, fitness, running, morning, in addition to other details.

The problem now is that this video can not be accessed -cross-search tools – only from the door of the melon only, the title and focus on those small melon that has been addressed in less than two minutes. within the video, while there’s 17 minutes other not related to watermelon and has no proof or means to access, not up to the video of looking for an aircraft “maverick” and who needs to benefit from the experiences of others with bridles, running in the morning.

The problem of the registry

When someone writes an article that explains the use of one of the programs or applications, or when he writes a lesson on the present simple in English, or even a video explaining something specific, they have the title quite expressive about the content, and have access to that content is extremely easy, since search engines rely on the title dramatically in the identification of what disappears in it.

But there’s a problem in a large percentage of content that comes out from those of the previous classifications, like this article you are reading now, which discuss a problem or a very particular digital, entitled”content buried”, the word “buried” belonging to the category other topics far from the technical, you might arrive looking for “jewelry buried” for example, or from working in the exploration of the effects of the human being in the Stone Age.

In truth; it’s not that bad in relation to textual content, then search engines today -mainly Google – have become smarter, no longer the title is the only factor to indicate the content, but they learn the texts and titles of the side and the rest of the parts of the article, and then determine the identity of its general, and efforts to get smile in order to help the user access didn’t want, or at least that’s what he said at the conference of Google last: “Made by Google 2018“.

The problem -as we mentioned- in the non-text content, audio and video files, and let me here emphasize the importance of voice content in our current era, then you -as a user-cart – may not set the size of the audio content is good and useful publish through programs podcasts foreign; those audio loops that are active in a lot of areas and the differences and experiences of humans on a plate, especially to the dominant traits in the episodes of the podcast it is long, it may reach a length of milk per hour to more than two hours (as is the case in the podcast TWiT – technical), Where the sponsors of the program with several guests on several technical subjects, but are choosing only one topic to be the title of the episode, in the remaining subjects of other submerged and buried within that file.

The problem is exacerbated in relation to personal blogging, content, literary, you’re -for example – you might write a blog literary poignant after the loss of a dear one, and drafting literary kill to not be directly in your word or in the title of the codification of the cheating, while who wants to be up for such content will be in search for example “talk touching on the panel”, there will be a gap between Of may need to that the content most (may be going through the same circumstances) and your piece of literature that may help in repair of wounds and consoling his heart.

The race for the first positions

Plunge Mohamed list and say “start enriching the Arabic content, to preserve what’s left of it, and then increase the content.” Noting that a lot of Arabic sites and blogs closed their doors month after month for several reasons, and I’m here to add that one of the main reasons for that is the death of content -clinical – lack of access readers or consumers do not the right expression.

Part of the problem is the entry of players from other type to the former, from the want of material gain and non-library, these mastered the art of targeting search engines, or what is called the science of SEO, and strive to be the pages of their site in the early search engine results, either in visual content -on YouTube, in particular – they know how to kill the they topics, attractive photos adult, without attention to the quality of content or the amount of interest or even accurately the information and the authenticity of the sources.

Someone comments on the article “do you still have a chance for success on YouTube” it offers: an excellent article, but it’s not true a hundred percent success now requires not only to be petty and a hypocrite for your audience and vice versa, there are channels creative sense of the word, but the number of joint appointment does not exceed 10000

The user on YouTube does not have the only page, one main and a sidebar. one -of the videos proposed in these places Ltd to marry the very few videos to win for the night, while there are thousands of videos being uploaded to the house every minute, I think it’s hard for us to imagine the amount of content is staggering in this giant network, but unfortunately not nearly up to us something of their treasures and great benefits, positions, first she’s got some videos that have mastered their respective owners the art of targeting.

How much of a personal blog whale life experiences and the creations of minds have closed their doors or residential spiders angles, as blogger has a gold pen and beautiful thoughts is no longer able to write because of the echo of the question reverberating between his ears: “who will read?” As Channel new ideas all started and then what to broadcast its owner after a few months to surrender because of lack of views or lack of understanding.

Then what after …

There’s another part of this article focuses on some of the steps that help in the solution, chose to devote a separate article to come inshallah (you’ll find at this page after it is published), but those are just steps and suggestions, we’re here to talk about the dilemmas require more thinking and more effort to solve, not the solution restricted to institutions and companies, but there are small things that anyone can do it, you know … the efforts of individuals combined to miss in their impact – the efforts of the institutions separate.

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