Digital assistant Google Assistant making its way to the Maps application Google Maps

Google Assistant

May be Google Assistant is available in the majority of Android phones available in the market today, but I found the company on Google is another way to bring this PDA to a greater number of users. During the exhibition of consumer electronics CES 2019 currently held in Las Vegas, USA, the company said it will include the digital assistant Google Assistant in the Maps application Google Maps on the platforms Android and iOS. In this way you can share your estimated time of arrival, and reply to text messages and play music without closing the application Maps Google Maps.

While the included Google Assistant in the Maps application Google Maps it looks as if it is the next logical step for Google, the reason why more companies Google to do this step is the amount of attention you have the Google Assistant is among the iPhone users. US clients Apple TV install Google Assistant as an application separate from iTunes store the App Store, but there’s the installed base is huge for Google Maps. In this way owners can iPhone get all the information without needing help from native digital assistant Siri.

Google announced during the event and also that you will be able to manage your trips with Google Assistant, including the challenge of getting the card hard Digital to plane. Is test this service with United only at the moment, but this should include the major airlines of the other soon. The company said it expects up to one million device equipped with the digital assistant Google Assistant by the end of this month, while pointing out that there are 10 thousand different device with Google Assistant of more than 1000 brands.


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