Digital assistant, a subsidiary of Huawei will enable the device to intelligently passionate very high

Huawei P20 Pro

He became assistant digital common extremely in recent years so that it is no longer surprising to hear that there is a company other technical work on the digital assistant. It has appeared in the past and reports that Huawei is working on a digital assistant of its own, and now here we are with a new report saying that the digital assistant you are working on Huawei currently will have the emotional intelligence higher than rivals. It seems that the team responsible for the technology artificial intelligence in Huawei drawn inspiration from his ideas for the digital assistant of the company from the movie Her.

Huawei, which already offer a digital assistant to its clients in China, but the company is planning now for something completely different. Mr. Felix Zhang, a deputy head of the Department of Software Engineering at Huawei, said : ” We want to provide emotional reactions. We believe that in the future, will all our end-users interact with the system in the mode of passion. This is a trend that we see over the long term “.

He also added that the movie Her is a source of inspiration to him and other executives in the company Huawei. ” As is the case in the film, you can even get rid of your girlfriend. This emotional service completely provide for you “. Added Mr. Felix Zhang that, in future, may users don’t have to touch their devices to use them because they will be able to access most of the features common use through voice commands.

It may take some time before we see the assistant digitally enjoy this emotional intelligence higher than Huawei or any other company, but it is clear that the industry is going in this direction.


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