Didi company strives for excellence in the field of hotel bookings

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Seeking Didi company to expand its investments in the field of hotel bookings in accordance with the Chinese Caijing and the site 36kr, where the report indicated that the company is looking for more destinations to profit through the unit by the competent called R-Lab in which created by the company the financial year of the country and towards the open doors of a new business; the company has increased to such investments, especially after you know the transport service links the two killed were travelling on the hands of the drivers earlier.

In a stated officer in the company to TechCrunch , they now are not in the process of opening the doors to new investment in the near future, but becomes a gel and their concentration on the interests of the safety and operational requirements, and Didi in last June to invest$ 500 million in the field of hotel bookings to provide to its users services bookings and at the same time.

In a competes with giant Transport Services, China’s many companies in this area, both Ctrip affiliate of Baidu and Meituan Dianping play an important role here, but despite of the existing competition but it is a good step from the company in compensation and.

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