Did you try player multimedia free VLC Media Player?!.. Here are its features

Filled the internet with a large number of multimedia players, namely, video clips and music files, but few of them can withstand the multimedia player VLC Media Player, which invite you to experience it.

The first characteristic of the multimedia player VLC Media Player is that it is free, you can download the latest version (Version 3) via his official website, which is a powerful program that can play any video or audio file without having to download or install any codes Codecs Additional, as well as direct viewing of the videos online.

Of professional nurses in the multimedia player VLC version exists on all operating systems are famous and well-known, both on the personal computer running Windows or Mac to Mac or Linux, as well as for Android and iOS.

Can Media Player VLC that displays the video in 4K as well as 8K, if the specification of your device allow it, also supports videos 360 degree وHDR10 clips music, 3D Audio.

Introduced the company “video two” VideoLAN, the developer player multimedia VLC, significant improvements on the second version and newer of VLC, became more stable than previous versions to distinguish them.

Can play any multimedia file by opening the VLC after it is installed on your device, and dragging the file into VLC player, and often will run all multimedia files using VLC player by default once it’s installed.

Can you show some of the possibilities of the advanced controls in the VLC player to enter the View menu and select (Advanced Control) Advanced Controls, and tools the advanced control you record any video you share online, save it on your device, or capture image Snapshot of the video clip.

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