Did you steal Samsung en Emoji of Apple TV?!

When the Samsung announced the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 plus also revealed the advantage of EN Emoji and which allows a user to process images, cartoon animated, three-dimensional through the simulation of the facial expressions of the user, which some imitate and steal for Animoji found in iPhone X Apple, what is the validity of this claim?!

هل سرقت سامسونج ميزة AR Emoji من آبل ؟!

Did you steal Samsung en Emoji of Apple TV?!

Samsung: never underestimate Apple!

This was the answer Mr. “DJ Koh” the CEO of Samsung when asked about this, and added that the company is working since years on the development of the property en Emoji and it’s definitely not a copy of the property Animoji own Apple put.

According to Mr. DJ Koh the idea is not spur-of-the day and night, but dating back to 2001, when he was heading your own team of research and development in the United Kingdom, that has been recently developed to suit use in smart phones.

En Emoji and Animoji : aspects of Agreement and of difference!

Feature en Emoji from Samsung and Animoji of Apple TV are on the same idea, is to create pictures of cartoon character excited the Alliance of the expressions of the face of the user in three dimensions and can be saved on your device and share them via social networks or apps of the conversation, but there are in fact some fundamental differences between the two and recall them as follows:

1. Technology for Apple !

Technical Animoji of the Apple TV relies on the camera front cutting edge and the sensors thereto and launches Apple TV to this system The name of the TrueDepth camera and can analyze more than 50 different movement of facial muscles in all areas to create a realistic picture for facial expressions regardless of the complexity.

Apple Animoji

Apple Animoji

The AR technology Emoji Samsung seem very primitive in that it cannot only distinguish some expressions are basic and simple and may not simulate all expressions according to Samsung.

2. Samsung en Emoji a more flexible and creative!

Technical Animoji in the iPhone X has a limited number of forms of carbon, and faces emoji other than the AR technology Emoji from Samsung which allows user greater freedom such as the possibility of creating a cartoon character of the same features with the possibility to modify in all respects or the use of stickers and expressions ready also let you later the possibility to modify and edit them according to your desire.

Samsung AR Emoji

Samsung en Emoji

Samsung AR Emoji

Samsung en Emoji

AR technology Emoji phones Galaxy S 9 is also not limited in time to ten seconds as is the case in the technique of Animoji it allows registration for the time period you want by the user, and similar property en Emoji with the application Snapchat also some advantages, especially in relation to the plastered three-dimensional 3D Stickers. Property en Emoji looks like a sophisticated version of the application Snapchat and more like him.

In the end she chose each company a different to achieve the same goal and purpose: Apple focused on the technical side more and improves the precedence in being added to the iPhone X last year, while Samsung instead of the story of the technical software and applications better.

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