Did you solve the iPhone, place the passport?

Imagine if you were traveling and asked you your passport and pull out their iPhone just! Thus, your trip around the world and not with you only your phone that contains all the papers and documents required. Is it possible that this is happening?

One of one of the functions of the Apple a lot for docking-iPhone, is to replace everything in your pocket or briefcase and turn it into substitutes number in your phone. Making keys to locks and Your Home “smart” in your phone through the written HomeKit, using the wallet application Wallet, you can keep within his credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards, cards store, cards, boarding pass, tickets to movies, coupons, rewards cards, identity cards of students, and more in one place. Will come on and the phone replace the passport?

Returning to 2015, tell us Eddy Cue, Apple’s vice president, to replace passports and licences etc. to iDevice-the iPhone is one of the ambitions of the company. Indeed, governments are now already working on the use of Apple devices to replace driver’s licenses.

In 2018 Apple managed to use its devices as digital identity student for entry into places such as student accommodation, library and campus.

As you can through the iPhone, pay for laundry, snacks and lunch throughout the campus. This is done by adding the identity card of the student to the wallet application from iPhone 6 latest hours Apple 1 and later using the Apple account and the latest version of the application eAccounts. There is no doubt that such things will provide Apple with the real data to help prove that their devices and systems can be trusted even by governments.

Patent to use the iPhone as a passport

Description one of the patents has Apple issued 2018 a system that would take the meta-data of a RFID chip on the passport and stored securely in the Secure Element inside the iPhone.

In the past few days tells us the location of NFCWorld that Apple will expand the capabilities of Read slices NFC your iDevice iPhone before the end of 2019, so that it can be used to read data stored in the segments of security, such as those used in passports, according to the talks held between the Ministry of the interior, the British company Apple to expand the capacity of a NFC chip to read the passports so lets docking-iPhone scan the RFID chips used in biometric passports in the UK successfully to help the citizens of the European Union.

Devices iPhone, read the slides of biometric passports

At the current time, allows for iPhone working iOS 12 to read the data format “NDEF”, or The NFC Data Exchange Format that contain small amounts of data, which usually are URLs. This is considered good to gain access to the information of a product, but not much use for the development of NFC the most complex.

Read data RFID hidden inside the passport, on Apple TV enabled iOS of read data ISO14443 “an international standard of the four parts of smart cards that are not touch screen which operates at a speed of 13.56 MHz to the vicinity of about 10 cm” used is usually in the profile which can contain more complex information such as name, age, photos and more. Having access to this information, it is easy to imagine data that is provided within the wallet application for a user to iPhone. It appears that the patent describes something like this.

There is no doubt that Apple devices are leading in the field of data security may convince the governments in the end to use as the travel electronics. We have get broader explanations of that issue in the conference of the Apple developer and features CoreNFC new in the upcoming operating system iOS 13.

Will we someday use our phones as ebooks especially passports? Tell us in the comments.



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