Did you reduce the speed, will reach the iPad and the MacBook for?

We talked a lot about the crisis of the iPhone and reduce performance for devices that suffer from a weak battery or faulty what we all know the story since they were discovered and even Apple’s decision to reduce the price of the battery and even the investigation, which is with Apple in the U.S. House of Representatives and Consumer Protection of the French. But wait, what about the rest of Apple products? Why is there no interest? Are you going to Apple’s performance of power and the iPad and the MacBook like the iPhone is?

هل تقليل السرعة سيصل إلى الآي باد والساعة وماك بوك؟

As a convenience to those who do not like to read the details and the answer is no… the reduced performance is of an iPhone only. As for anyone who wants to detail the main reason that Apple used to control technology in the Energy Power Management in the iPhone just as the rest of the devices they are exempt from this technology because Apple is targeting access to the best possible performance and longer time on battery with highest performance and this does not happen with the rest of the hardware for the following:

Apple watch: the Apple watch with a battery is extremely small, but also the processor with low performance (for general products) but it is suitable for watches. Thus the battery is small enough to provide the energy crisis of the Processor, even if it was malfunctioning.

The iPad and MacBook: here the situation is a little different The found in the iPad and the MacBook the highest performance from processors, the iPhone and therefore need a higher energy than that needed by a processor the iPhone. If it makes sense to reduce the Apple performance of the cell in the battery, isn’t it! That’s true, but there’s something delightful is that the battery of these devices are extremely large in comparison to the iDevice iPhone. For example, older phones which problem is iPhone 6 and its battery of 1810 mAh, while the iPad Air 2 which was released in the same year his battery 7340 mAh and the battery didn’t face 35 a-ma almost when talking about the MacBook Pro. Compare the battery 7 and 8 and 10 thousand and 35 thousand, sometimes over a card Alvin is only in the iPhone. This makes energy available to the battery, even if weakened enough to supply the Processor needs. This is the reason that Apple did not provide a power saving mode in the iPad.

The bottom line

Little user the Apple watch and the iPad and mobile computing MacBook Pro/Air, and whatever the devices and poor Battery the decision to reduce the performance won’t be covered by… the decision will be released next year to the iPhone X latest have Apple now, but it won’t reach devices 2014 according to the organization of the court in which the company operates and proclaimed.

Do you use a Mac or iPad or Apple watch back, and I was afraid to reduce performance no?



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