Did you hear Apple AirPods 2019 new water resistant work or not?!

Headphones Apple AirPods wireless one of the most popular headphones in its class, though it did not reach the degree of perfection in all respects. Apple announced a new version of the heavens AirPods 2 (2019) has recently added some improvements and advantages, but some wonder about the quality feature resistance to water or sweat, which is what we’ll get about it in this article.

هل سماعات آبل AirPods 2019 الجديدة مقاومة للماء والعرق أم لا؟!

Did you hear Apple AirPods 2019 new water resistant work or not?!

Headphones Apple AirPods .. waterproof or not?!

Apple did not indicate that it. on the official website or can purchase. Headphones AirPods issued by the original or new download license your IP with a water resistant or dust, so food in the water and it falls under the misuse which is not covered by warranty, and fix it Apple TV free.

With regard to the resistance to the Arabs they are also lack of IP licensing makes it a non-resistant, if we want precision, are non-resistant to any type of fluid.

Use headphones AirPods during running or exercise is important and essential for the owners of the sky, and you can use it of course in the meantime, unless you learn a lot and that throne to the heavens, you should caution then.

Fact The based on to in daily life to hear the AirPods used by a lot of athletes without problems, as some fish did not receive some of the occurrence of the error in the water or washed accidentally with clothes, but this of course does not make it waterproof. Of New any damage resulting from the fluid to the heavens is repaired outside of warranty.

If you are looking for a similar alternative for the AirPods, and Paul offers an alternative to the headphones PowerBeats Pro new announced recently that offer the same audio experience possible with longer battery life and water resistance to the bride and also the price of the most expensive!

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