Did you get the Cambridge unit on your data from Facebook? I know this way

In 2014 researchers have developed Alexander Kogan applied optionally to carry 270 thousand users of facebook, and they have to login through their account on the platform. And across those accounts got kogon on the data of 87 million users of Facebook according to the latest number advertised, then you got company Cambridge set that data from Kogan, which is now accused of using her influence on the American election results last presidential was won by Donald Trump.

Facebook to lose $ 40 million of its value due to Trump

Launched the Facebook, tool to protect the privacy of the users, and tell them if they were affected by the participation of the Cambridge set or not, the show tool users warnings the top of the home page carries both the address of Protecting Your Information, one focused on the Cambridge unit and shows prevent the use of the application of Coogan and friends, while he instructed the other how to move further in the access application that used his account on the platform.

You can check the share your data with the Cambridge set from here.

Also you can check apps that use your Facebook account and remove them from here.

After the scandal of the Cambridge net, this plan of Facebook to secure user data

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