Did you experience audio eight-dimensional 8D’s?

Consecutive jumps in the industry of digital content and audio and visual added a lot to the experience of the use after attention was trapped by virtual reality.

After the techniques of holographic and Quartet and Quintet and we’ve arrived at audio technology of the eight-dimensional 8D modern which is obtained through which the sound from all directions, you have to imagine the impact that listening to the voice coming from the 8 directions for the same music, the sound of rain.

The technical depend on the performance of the audio through the headset only and will not notice many differences if you run the music 8D by hearing of the great traditional to this technology through the headset as if the singer is singing to you in particular.

We can’t practically move feeling of this technique until you experience it yourself, where there are a lot of songs and audio files on YouTube in the title 8D.
The technique used depends on the White Noise, which change the order of the frequencies inside the clips and songs and merge them again in another way is working to influence the brain in UP.

In contrast to find to you work this technique, you can experience the app 8D Music Player on your mobile phone, it is through the will to re-synthesize the audio files of the songs available for the eight-dimensional 8D.

The app is available on Google Store at the following link:
8D Music Player

With the recognition of the need to use headphones that prefer to be of good quality.

And I was going to listen to the music emanating from this video of the headphones to your mobile phone.. you will notice the difference too.

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