Did you change the Twitter mechanism of the responses to the tweets to make them “more sophisticated” is?

Company intends to Twitter during the next two weeks to launch a series of more experimental, which aims to solve the problem of the use of its platform for the discussion of “non high end”, so by making the response on Twitter has convinced the emoji only.

And move the location of (used News) BuzzFeed News about (David’s Jessica) – first director of product management I have a Twitter: “everything on our platform saves on some forms of behaviour”. Center of pressure the police to get to the talks “more healthy”, she wondered what’s Jessica: “if we had an amendment on how to re-people to tweet, how to reply people on Twitter, how people interact, how can this change the conversations at home?”.

It is more that you think Twitter her experience during the next two weeks: add emoji to re-tweet, which gives people the opportunity to respond to tweets without the need to go to solve construction and write a text reply. In this way, hoping for Twitter to kill people to express their views on the use of the emoji only, instead of writing the words up sometimes to insults.

In the water the second pilot, will suggest Twitter automatically for people use a symbol expression in the responses, if impressed by one of the users tweet, they can use the emoji icon which no eyes on The Shape of a heart. But in case the user decides to use the emoji negative, the Twitter will ask for the reason with : “Why Are you opposed?”, the Which may encourage users to think twice before responding to other people’s tweets.

Referred to to choose these advantages comes in the shadow of the quest to Twitter to re-think the mechanism of action of the product. In the past week, said the CEO of the company, and its founder (Jack Dorsey): the Twitter will the political ads, with some exceptions.

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As the company announced last Wednesday they will start later than the current month to enable users to follow threads that taunt, as if they are following the personal accounts. As hinted official in the company that the company may choose other advantages, including giving users the possibility to prevent the re-tweet their tweets, remove themselves from the talks.

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