Did Apple modify the image of Tim Cook and put the headset AirPods Pro inside his ears?

Apple announced headphone AirPods Pro Day yesterday which has been very popular on the internet and social media, however Twitter users were talking then about something completely different.

Noticed some people on Twitter to a picture of Tim Cook director of Apple executive while wearing the headset are pro is one of the picture of the old which he wasn’t wearing them! So that the two images are similar in almost everything it is bonded to be different, this as you can notice in the following picture:

Social Media Marketing at Apple 101

This was strange to a large extent, so that the image had been modified using Photoshop without a doubt, but the question here is why? Why doesn’t Tim wear a fish to catch not the source of a new image to it and that’s it? That with the clarification of the fact that Tim Cook didn’t show up not once wearing the headphones earbuds.

What do you think about this story? Do you find it weird? We participated in the comments..

Source: PhoneArena

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