Dialogue:why all this excitement about the Samsung Galaxy Note is that a 9?

Has ratified most of the expectations and leaks (which I could have sworn that multiple Samsung) on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, so we just walked into the event with enthusiasm strange even though we knew almost all the features of the device Note 9 is only waiting for Samsung to confirm these expectations and which again I bet it is multiple in one form or another.

Our dialogue today will be the device from another perspective, had deliberately to be late to publish this dialogue to even get fully on the device from various sources on the internet.

Of course the device Note 9 is considered the Best Android device on the market right now in terms of specifications which we can’t ignore it no matter what it was, but something which surprised me greatly, and the amount of reviews the incredible, which compliments the device very significantly like the Samsung came with creations awesome with the device..

I know my words may seem a bit strange, but let me explain to you more fully.

Most of the reviews I found on the internet was talking about that Samsung has taken a big step and correct repetition of the battery.

Well how not to do it, it may be placed inside the slide device processing able to run a system Windows 10? Also, the screen size has also increased about the Samsung s 9+ free visit to the battery is it’s natural here.

As for the cooling system, it is normal again because the slice of the processor as I like to call “sink battery” thus there will be a lot of heat generated but at the same time this is not the first time that Samsung put cooling systems particularly in mobile phones as there are a lot of custom hardware for games which systems offer better cooling of the sheet 9.

As for your device, Note 9, I think the new features but I can’t find a lot of creativity here, which I don’t find it in the device what iconic the right, as seen in a device like the Vivo Nex, on the contrary I think that Samsung was able to put the expense of footprint and shape of the camera better than it is currently.

I want to mention something important for the benefit of the Samsung is great, which is the Update for Samsung DeX which is no longer need to those individual pieces, using only the cable USB-C or USB-C to HDMI.

Again don’t get me wrong, Samsung did not rise to gross errors here, but give us more a complete hand General specifications without any creations or visit the awesome actually deserves this protection, it is actually Samsung’s s-9+ with a screen and bigger Battery, the Processor gives almost the same performance, and you can’t note the difference of performance between the two devices.

The price of the device $ 1000 and this price is too big, you can at this price buy laptop games, therefore I advise you to buy s-9 or S+ at a discounted price much more than the current price sheet of 9, unless you need to the features of the new pen, then stay with the choice of the sheet 9.

For the last time, I’m not against Samsung, but against all this excitement and noise which the most recent media on the device, although there are a lot of other devices that have provided new techniques for and did not get a quarter of the amount of media attention, I also think that the price of the machine directly by a little I mean $ 850 for starters, the price of the device, a suitable price especially with the mounting hardware that rival the leading devices in the specifications and the price also.

Now I want your opinion to discuss clearly and transparently about this topic, what do you think of the device in general? Do you think that Samsung has created with Note 9 or not?


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