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Today we have with us zainuddin for the owner of the project templates cart a pioneer in the field of selling WordPress themes, let’s talk with more of you and the project.

Welcome to this dialogue my brother zainuddin for, in the beginning, can you give us a simple overview about you and your background of study?

And peace to you brother Tariq, I for Zain al-Din of Algiers ( specifically, adrar), 28 years old, got a bachelor’s degree in engineering methods and the certificate of Master in the specialty of refining fuel, but I didn’t succeed in getting a PhD. My goal was at the beginning of the University is to study the specialization of in-depth parts and in the oil companies, but abandoned this idea later, after you know the field of design, programming and decided to focus on him and make him the source of my livelihood.

One of your projects, project templates cart famous major, how’d you get the idea to start this project?

قوالب عربية

Templates cart.

You and I still follow a code of standard that is owned by Fouad badawy (developer template newspaper famous). I mean, I was very impressed with the designs that were developed by the clients and you dreamed of doing something similar. This remained just a dream until I decided to learn and work seriously in 2012. The first step was to learn to design websites on Photoshop and then learn the languages of web development basic html css javascript and php. The most important sites that helped me in learning is a Lynda.

After learning, it’s the time of the application, you know in the beginning it was difficult to get clients because I don’t have any experience or previous work, so I got the idea of the work of the position to give designs a professional and beautiful sites Arab free and become a teacher for my business at the same time.

I started working on websites in late 2013, and the praise of God download the templates more than 10 thousands times.

What are the obstacles and problems that accompanied the draft of your major? Did you say sales? And how you dealt with it?

The most important obstacle is the lack of financial return from the site, because I was the oldest of all templates for free to download. This made it hard for me to keep working on the site and provide new templates, so I decided it’s the opportunity to provide templates driven.

At first I make two copies of each template free version is simple, and the other driven by the features and characteristics more. The problem is that all of the visitors choose to get the free version and very few chose the paid version. I mean, 2000 people chose free, and only two people choose paid.

Here once again decided to permanently get rid of the idea of free and display only the templates of paid on-site. If it weren’t for these step, I think website templates cart would depend like most of the projects the Arab. After this step I encountered an obstacle, another is product pricing.

I faced a big problem in determining the appropriate price to the student, have changed it more than once so I’m settled on the price suits me and suits the customer. The Arab user used to get the software free of charge, so any rate higher than zero would not be appropriate.

The other drawback is that the project is a “WAN-man Shao”, I mean that I alone do everything, develop new templates, working on new updates to previous requests, respond to requests for technical support.

It takes a lot of time and I know I need to build a team to manage the site, but I didn’t find the right people in my city. So the solution is to create a team that works remotely via the internet.

More than 1000 customers come with “templates cart,” what do you think of this turnout? And the access speed that has earned the trust?

Yes, this is something that I cherish the most exquisite. I get between now and then, messages from clients impressed by the designs offered in the site and I’ve participated some in the main page of the site. I think that the most important feature is the splendor of the designs displayed in the website. As well as research and provide technical support in the Arabic language. This means I’m walking in the right way drawn of the site which is to solve the most important problems faced by the site owners Arab.

The reason for the success of stores templates WordPress is that the ready-made templates are the best option available for anyone who wants to create a website, because getting a special design and rather expensive ($400). I always advise beginners to use a ready template, after the success of the idea of your site and attracting visitors, you can move to the Special design of your site.

The Arab world suffers from many problems, including problems of payment, how you talk to solve these problems?

Which encouraged me to try to sell templates on my own shop and provide ways to pay online, is the presence of Arab companies that are successful offering a digital product such as fives where the number of users has exceeded 200 thousand, which means that there is a significant percentage who have credit cards and they can purchase online.

Initially, PayPal is only option of payment through the website, then I found out later the location of stripes stripe which offers the service of providing payment by credit card. The most important obstacle was the use of some visitor cards credit stolen, despite clear warning in the payment page, which caused me many problems with PayPal say, except that I found for this problem, which is the review card information before confirming the acceptance of the payment process. I mean, if a client holds a name in Arabic and found that the information the card contains the name of the line and of the foreign state, there is a possibility that the card is stolen.

The other drawback is the lack of options for payment methods. He texted me many customers about the availability of the alternative payment methods from PayPal and credit cards because they don’t have it. For the children of my country Algeria, I offer the option of payment by postal account current. For the state of the other, I didn’t find an alternative solution until now,

Many of the projects stopped due to funding, how did you take care of the financial burden of the project “templates cart”?

Frankly, there is no financial burden or need to register, because all you need initially is the domain name and account on the hosting, about $ 70 per year. The most important way to ensure the success of the project and its continuation is through dividend reinvestment in marketing and raise quality of products.

In Algeria, a majority independent of the problem of to withdraw funds from PayPal, as an entrepreneur How do you deal with this problem when withdraw the profits of your project?

Way to withdraw my funds from PayPal as follows: First do I send money from PayPal to my bank account on the pioneer. Yes, pioneer offers you bank account dollars, you can associate it with your account on PayPal and receiving funds. Can I withdraw money Algerian Dinar from the Bank of the Arabian Gulf using the card payoneer Mastercard. At other times, I exchange work with friends, I mean I sent them a dollar from my account on the pioneer, and they send me the Dinar on the postal account current.

I am using card pioneer since 2013 and I think it’s the best option available to Algerians, who are working on the internet either for purchase or receipt of the profits.

A lot of projects, the Arab and especially the Algerian don’t use, why do you think the lack of continuity of projects? By virtue of your experience, what do you propose as a solution?

Yes, a lot of projects coming out of the region that you have added to Favorites because I liked them, stopped and disappeared its position of sight. I think that the main reason for the lack of continuity is the lack of profits.

There was an Arabic site offers educational classes in various areas free of charge and stops the site later, the advice of the owner of this website is you must not offer anything for free if you really want to watch you go.

The most important step should be performed by the owner of the project idea is a war on the existence of profits in the shortest time from the start of the project. Templates cart can become forgotten lol get rid of the idea of free and provide templates for a reasonable price.

What is the competitive advantage provided by the “molds cart” for the one who is looking for a template for it?

The first thing facing you when you visit a website templates cart is our competitive advantage below: templates professional, technical support is quick and affordable. I think that these three things are what they are looking for anyone who wants to get a new design for it.

Do you work behind the “templates Cart,” the work of an individual or a group?

Work individually, and I know that this is a mistake because the site is growing at a pace somewhat slow. Now that I’m done with study at the University, it’s time to focus more on expanding the company and building the team.

No one will know service but in marketing, what are the methods of publicity for your project?

In the beginning, marketing was through the participation of the moldings in the region, famous personalities such as Trident and WordPress. It takes a lot of time and does not come with satisfactory results. Now I moved to marketing via ads Facebook. The marketing plan that I use are as follows:

  1. Determine the category of the interested templates WordPress, through the creation of ad sends visitors to an article talking about the way to choose a WordPress theme for your site
  2. Re-target visitors of this article presented the Declaration of demand that we own alone
  3. Re-targeting of visited templates and did not complete the purchase process providing reduced tempting to view the opinions of our existing customers so we encourage them to make a decision

I think that these three steps fit to market any product or service via ads Facebook.

Paunch press the last of the coffee the fun we had with you, what’s your advice for anyone who wants to start a project emerging in the Arab world?

I have more than advice : first make sure that your project solves a real problem for the user. Secondly, try your idea with minimum losses and as soon as, I mean in the beginning don’t look too much in the site logo and website design and other side things, so make sure that there is a demand for a product or your services. Thirdly, select from the first model to profit from your project, most of the projects of Arab failure caused by providing everything for free and rely on donations of visitors. Must be profit in the shortest time possible to ensure the success of the project.

Additional advice, the easiest way to get ideas for projects is the re-submission of projects to successful foreign in Arabic. There are thousands of stores that offer WordPress themes in English, but there is no store in the Arabic language, for this was the idea of website templates cart successful. Same thing with the position of the independent Five, the idea of successful foreign has been converted for the process.

Good luck to everyone.

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