Dialogue| Jim Al-Khalili: artificial intelligence began to teach himself.. does he have to worry about the future?!

Jim Al-Khalili is a theoretical physicist., he was born in Najaf, Iraq, on September 20, 1962, which besides being an academic, it is the author of the notes also in the field simplify the science, and among the documentaries made by the documentary “The Joy of artificial intelligence” The Joy of AI, on BBC Four-run Radio Network, the British BBC.

In this documentary, browse to the El-Khalili evolution of machines, artificial intelligence, and the possibility of its superiority over the human, and concerns that arise from the tremendous development in the techniques of machine learning Machine Learning, a loss of us control it, that was a conversation had with the magazine “how it works” How it Works, in its issue No. 121.

For the definition of artificial intelligence AI, said Al-Khalili argues that any intelligent non-human or animal, any machine intelligence does not mean artificial intelligence professional necessarily, the fact that the machine emulates the behaviour of human beings, as in the robot factory, is a kind of artificial intelligence also.

Our lives have become surrounded by artificial intelligence, says Al-Khalili, we use it in our smart phones, and in apps like Google translator, Google Translate, and in the intelligent personal assistant, such as Siri Siri also Alexa, allowing the machine commands of the human, and translate it and implement it and respond to it.

Says Al-Khalili that the best artificial intelligence systems that we don’t even today is a machine that can examine huge amounts of data, images and video clips, pick up the thing we want them to focus on Discovery, which excels the human.

For example, the machine can today to examine the indicators very early disease, such as cancer tumors, more accurately and much faster than humans.

As the internet has changed our lives for the past ten years, the Khalili is expected to reduce the artificial intelligence our life upside down in the duration is much shorter.

Advances in artificial intelligence, the existence of systems and machines today that can teach itself in the same way at the human knowledge, which is interesting as he sees Al-Khalili, who is not afraid of sophistication of artificial intelligence as much as the fear that communities are not ready for this development.

As the Al-Khalili, can artificial intelligence that solves a lot of mysterious phenomena that still retains a human, such as the nature of dark matter Dark Matter and dark energy Dark Energy and the theory of everything the Theory of Everything and the particles beyond the particle BOSON Higgs Higgs Boson, the nature of the human can not single-handedly take the complexities of many of these issues.

Besides, Can Artificial Intelligence AI to solve problems such as warming or global warming and problems of World Food Shortage, Water Shortage, offers a statistically and mathematically no matter what humans can’t access it without me, their inability to examine this vast amount of information.

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