Devices Samsung TV Support Assistant Google with the improvement in the quality of the acoustics in 2019

Use Korean giant to launch new versions of smart TVs in the beginning of next year, which come with support assistant, Google Virtual, with improvements in the quality of the acoustics.


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Apply to Samsung Smart TVs next year during the exhibition CES, which is held in the month of January, where he is scheduled to support the hardware next year plugin virtual own other companies, or specifically Gmail Assistant virtual, where refers to a partnership is brewing between Samsung and Google.

Also it is expected that the Samsung devices smart TVs next year to a higher level in phonics and with new technique try the technique of Apple in the HomePod, which is expected to include possible versions of the TVs audio technology.

Has added Samsung recently her assistant virtual Bixby to smart TVs launched in 2018, except that the assistant Bixby request is limited in some areas, where the support Assistant virtual control video playback, it does not support control in third party applications, which is the reason for Samsung’s next year to support the assistant default to other companies.

Recall that Samsung did not allow for application developers to use the assistant Bixby to develop the integration between the plugin and the default applications, however, the projections indicate that Samsung has plans to expand with the handler default over the next year.


I know of

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