Devices Mac may charge the keyboard and mouse wirelessly in the future

May work accessory devices to Mac including mouse and keyboard without the need to recharge it by cable, or change its batteries, since Apple working on a wireless charging feature, so that they can charge the keyboard and mouse wirelessly from your Mac at short distances.

With the transformation of users towards wireless accessories instead of calling the actual wires, only that the problem of running out of power is a real problem because of the need to recharge the batteries or replace it, while charging the walkie talkie can be one of the solutions, through the development of keyboard or a mouse on the charging base, but this may not suit all users.

Apple recently requested registration of a patent, for a system of wireless charging antennas radio frequency. So instead of having a charging base for charging the keyboard and mouse, the technology Apple will charge wireless accessories effectively devices Mac, from short distances.

Can contain monitors Mac the cavities at the bottom, which used antennas to send the power, while you will receive antenna and a second on the keyboard and mouse signals are converted into voltage to charge the battery.

Source: patent application

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