Devices Amazon Fire TV now has more than 30 million active users

Amazon Fire TV

It’s no secret that devices Amazon Fire TV are very popular, but how popular these devices? If recent figures revealed by Amazon allude to something, they are implying that these devices have been very popular in the market. The company said Amazon now has 30 million users are active for this hardware, this means that the number of active users of these devices exceeds the number of users, devices Roku, which revealed its role earlier this week that it has 27 million active users.

Said the head of a team for Amazon Fire TV at Amazon, Mr. Marc Whitten to CNet that devices Amazon Fire TV now has over 30 million active users. He added that there are many people who are waiting for units Amazon Fire TV, which they purchased in the shopping season for Christmas, which means that this number will definitely rise.

Was devices Amazon Fire TV is popular very in the festive season where the company has succeeded Amazon in the sale of the incredible number of these devices. The company Amazon has revealed to us in the month of October last year to have 25 million active users. This indicates that it has grown by 5 million new accounts in just three months. This, of course, very impressive.

Stated Mr. Marc Whitten that the Amazon company will strengthen its efforts to devices for Amazon Fire TV in 2019 by expanding the list of international partners, however, did not provide any details about it. It was also mentioned that Amazon is very happy with sales of smart TV that is integrated for Amazon Fire TV, which you do not have to purchase this device separately.


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