Device Sega Dreamcast will get a tool to control New after many years to discontinue it!

Sega Dreamcast controller

Although it did not achieve commercial success in the markets and sold about 10 million units before the company has stopped the Sega produced the beginning of the current millennium, only that your Dreamcast still has a place very special in the hearts of lovers of the East Blue, which was a formidable competitor to buy the new materials compare to the Japanese in the nineties.

In fact, still the device gets some special products of the two even to this day, and the most recent control tool was funded successfully through crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. This version of the verification tool performing some modifications on the design of the control tool the original to make it modern and more.

You can access to the page of the Kickstarter own from here, and it’s amazing that this device still gets the support of the teachers even after more than 15 years of off produced.

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