Device Panasonic to eliminate the stench for the feet

Suffer many of the stink of the shoes, especially during the hot summer, and many of you know, the feet, the problem lies in the adhesion of the bad smell in the shoes difficult to get rid of them, especially that he can’t wash the shoe from the inside or ventilate it well to eliminate this smell.

So, I decided to “Panasonic” of Japan and Panasonic offer a successful solution odor for shoes, I figured out your MS-DS100, and coming to market in September 20 the next, adding to the stench of shoes for running at night.

And the technical works device Panasonic with Nanoe X, which ions in Nano size penetrates area of the shoe, and remember the unpleasant odors and unwanted.

The device can choose between the two, which the system normal Mode, which takes 5 hours in the organization and development of the shoe, or the System Long Long Mode, which takes 7 hours and removes the finer particles causing the odor completely.

The device Panasonic the electrolyte, as the battery enables it to work in case of non-availability of source of electricity, and did not know until now about the selling price of your Panasonic consumers.

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