Device Nintendo Switch low-cost may be portable only

Nintendo Switch presentation in Offenbach

A few days ago, appeared a report from the Wall Street Journal of America explained that the company Nintendo is planning to launch two new models of your Nintendo Switch later this year. It seems that one of these two models would be a cheaper model of the device, Nintendo Switch the current which may make it more attractive to players, and now appeared more details about this model specifically.

According to a new report released recently from the website of Eurogamer, has told sources that the style of low-cost from your Nintendo Switch will be mounted only. This means that it will not be possible for users to use it as a gaming machine my house when it is linked with the TV using a docking station unlike your Nintendo Switch current. Thus, this means that this style exactly from your Nintendo Switch targets mobile gamers.

Pointed out previous rumors that the company Nintendo has been looking for use a Nintendo Switch to replace the lineup of Nintendo 3DS. It makes sense because he can use a Nintendo Switch device mobile games, as there are a lot of games that are developed for, therefore we will not use in the case if you check that already.

This report says also that, given that this new model low cost will be the phrase for a portable gaming device only, it is expected that the synthesized materials are more hardness to withstand the rigors of the outside world, and also to be more suitable for children. As always, it is best to deal with the content of this report with the least amount of protection at the moment, but E3 conference 2019 will be held in a few months, we should have more details then.

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