Device Nintendo Switch achieves a record-breaking sales in its first year in Germany

Nintendo Switch

The device Nintendo Switch a few weeks ago over the full year to be released in various world markets, and that on the third of March 2017, and at that date the company has launched a new Japanese device that includes a new concept in the world of electronic gaming, which allows users to use the device in a notebook through the gear which carries a screen size of 6.2 inches and accurately 720p, or connected drive that can be connected to your TV via HDMI and 1080p in addition to the disarmament Tools Control two little Joy-Con when playing in that position.

The latest reports on the internet have confirmed that the device has achieved great success in Germany – the largest market for video games in Europe next to the British market, Linda German market to the markets that achieved by the device a huge success such as the U.S. and Canadian and Japanese and French and others. The device managed to sell 650 thousand units in the first year there, and is that the fastest home-selling in the history of the new markets in German, is superior to the previous device for the Wii during the same time period.

PlayStation IV remains the record-holder for sales of the first year at the level of the appliances anyway, and who managed to override the file there, during eleven months of its release.

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