Development plan for 2018.. Etisalat Egypt, announced the expansion of stunning of their investment in Egypt

Announced by Etisalat Egypt, Etisalat Misr for the expansion of stunning of their investment in the Egyptian market during the coming period, following the conduct of the company for the first phone call pilot on the telephone service ground which will be in Egypt. The announcement came on the tongue of the leadership of the company through their participation in the GITEX Technology Week Gitex in Dubai, and in the period from 14 to 18 October.

The engineer said Hazem Metwally, CEO of Etisalat Egypt, said that the company has earmarked 3.5 million pounds to invest in the market through 2018, so as to keep tension of the company, increasing the size of the demand for data transmission services, hosting Te WE on the communications network.

He added, during a press conference held by the police on the sidelines of its participation in the exhibition, that the company raised its capital by approximately 4.5 million pounds of the primary contributors to the company less the total capital of the company of 19.5 million pounds, the company that owns the UAE’s Etisalat 66%, and distributed the remainder between the investment bank (20%) defended holding (5%) وDIFC LLC Ltd UAE (5%) and technical investments Saudi Arabia (1.5%) alone investment UAE (1.5%) and resources for the UAE (1%).

Assured MH that Etisalat intends to create a center for customer service (call centre) out of the continent to contribute in improving the level of services provided via landline, as well as the transfer of part of its work to the areas of new technology, said the company relate to the second place in terms of highest revenue among mobile operators, indicating that the system Emerald is the fastest growing among the company’s systems.

According to the CEO, the connections to Egypt are available in the create new zones to cover the lack of point-of-sale mobile lines after reading the communication device a mansion house on the branches of the companies, emphasizing on the affected by the companies decision to impose a development fee of 50 pounds in favor of the state, and that the decision is not taken the opinion of mobile operators.

Around the services of 4G, said MH grow it substantially, and Egypt’s Etisalat is working on improving the level of service the transfer of data, explaining that the speed of the internet doubled 3 times what it was before the launch of the fourth generation.

Besides, the detection Metwally from their studies to launch TV services paid in advance, and that the connections are working now on the preparation of qualified services to attract customers, as Etisalat Egypt, expansion in the solar power plants over the next year, according to the data of the new in terms of costs and investments.

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