Developers want to win back Apple access to “Screen time”

Despite public statements about Apple’s intent to compete, the company still has not taken meaningful action to prove the creators of the applications that it considers them equal and ready for a fair fight for the title of best. This opinion is shared by the developers, perhaps, the most deprived categories parental controls that has decided to speak to Apple demanding to stop blocking them, and finally to officially recognize him and skip in the App Store.

As reported by The New York Times, 17 developers joined together and decided to demand from Apple to create a special APIto give them the opportunity to create apps parental control. Unfortunately, at the moment this is not possible, since Apple restricts third-party software the ability to track information about usage of installed programs and block them with the exhaustion of the established limit of time.

Parental controls on iOS

Technically today only Apple can create app [parental control] under iOS. We believe that the company should go to the developers to make concessions and to give everyone the opportunity to create such an app, — said the head of the Studio Kidslox Victor Evpak speaking about the function of “Screen time” that appeared in iOS 12.

According to developers, Apple has no right to arrogate to itself the ability to create software for parental control, but actually doing it. In Cupertino refer to the fact that third-party applications, for security reasons it is forbidden to obtain information about other applications, as well as in any way to influence them. Hence the ban on the activation lock programs that, in the opinion of the parents should open their children.

How Apple cheats

It would seem, everything is logical, but the fact is that before the release of “Screen time” rules were completely different. Then third-party applications for parental control actually had a wider opportunity than now. What is this if not an attempt to get rid of competitors to promote its own product?

Apple’s official position is as follows. Developers are free to create applications-similar to the “Screen time”, but only if they will meet safety requirements. The main requirement consists in not used MDM (Mobile Device Management). Now such applications are available in App Store and no one removes, said Phil Schiller, Apple’s Vice President of worldwide product marketing. Another question – what can these apps, and whether it is as effective as “Screen time”.

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